Wear Your AFA Pin With Pride

Dear Silver Airways Flight Attendant ,

You have the legal right to wear your AFA pin today and for the rest of your career.

Management has assured AFA that they will abide by your legal right to wear the AFA pin, bag tags and lanyards. If you are told to take off your AFA pin, let that serve as a reminder of how powerful it is. Your AFA pin stands for:

  • Flight Attendants throughout the industry standing together to defend and advance our profession.
  • No matter which airline we fly for, together we are aviation’s First Responders.
  • Flight Attendants who know we have rights on the job and the world’s largest Flight Attendant union in the world to enforce them.
  • Unity: 60,000 of us share our careers and our union. We are never alone.
  • The leading advocate for safety, health and security in the cabin for passengers and crew alike.
  • The union that supports our airlines and a healthy aviation industry – and we expect to be full partners in the benefits that creates.
  • Compassion. Wearing our AFA pin says to our fellow crewmembers: “I care about you.”
  • A strong voice for our profession.

If you are asked to remove your pin by management please comply and call AFA organizer Steve Ekerberg at 617-470-4277.