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Heatwave Across Northern Hemisphere

13 Aug, 2022

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We are experiencing temperatures never seen before around the northern hemisphere. As flight Attendants, we are not allow to cancel boarding or ask to return to gate due to temperatures, but pilots can. Do not be shy an express your concern or dissatisfaction with the temperature to your pilots. You are in charge of the safety of your cabin, it is your responsibility to advise pilots of the danger. Sometime pilots are unaware of the state of the cabin, specially during taxing because their cockpit is small and use a different pax to cool it.

Also, don't be afraid to ask for extra bags of ice, for serving and for emergencies, specially those of you flying in Florida with longer flights than us here in San Juan. Here in San Juan, if you have a flight to Santiago or any other flight over an hour long ask for 2 bags of ice. Ice is a requirement on flights due to the fact that it can be use for emergencies and be aware of heat stroke and heat exhaustion symptoms not only for passengers but for you as well. We already had a couple of situations involving Flight Attendants and passengers passing out due to the heat.

To report extreme cabin temperatures to Silver, please use the company's WBAT and report them to AFA by downloading the 2Hot2Cold app.

02 Jul, 2022





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