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AFA Negotiations Update 08/04/2022

August 4,2022

 Yesterday your Negotiating Committee wrapped up our first mediation session with Silver Management. With the assistance of a federal Mediator, your Negotiating Committee was able to TA (tentatively agree) to Section 8 (Scheduling) which has been open for several months now.

 In the Scheduling section, we agreed on “Meal Opportunity” language which will allow flight attendants experiencing repeated delays throughout their day to obtain food without fear of discipline or other repercussions.  In addition to the meal opportunity language, we resolved several issues involving our aircraft (ATR) because of the need for more than 1 flight attendant (i.e., choosing positions and downgrades). We agreed to a seniority-based process to resolve these issues and agreed to work with the Company to develop a buddy bidding system.

 We talked about the other open items that were unresolved and we made significant improvements in our Health and Safety section. We are very close to reaching an agreement on Health and Safety. We also discussed Compensation even though we originally intended to resolve it last.

 Some of the open items we are discussing Improvements in Vacation Pay, Compensation for security searches, Per Diem, 401(k) increases, all involve pay and we felt it was necessary to share our Compensation proposal with Management. Our Compensation proposal is a very fair proposal as addresses the needs and concerns of Silver Flight Attendants and compensates us for the hard work we do on our aircraft every time we show up to work while allowing the company to make money and be profitable.

 In addition to Health and Safety and Compensation, there are 4 other sections still open and unresolved. Please see the attached “Silver AFA Negotiations Chart” to see our progress in negotiations.

 Our next Mediation session is scheduled for September 7th and 8th. We hope to report further progress after this session. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me

 Maria Salinas,

MEC President, AFA Council 83
Representing the Flight Attendants of Silver Airways